5-Chloro 8-Hydroxy Quinoline

Product Name 5-Chloro 8-Hydroxy Quinoline
CAS. No. 130-16-5
Imperical Formula C9H6C1NO
Molucular Weight 179.5 gms/mole

Technical Specifications

Apperiance Light Creamish Colour Powder
Purity by H.P.L.C. Mimimum 99 %
Melting Point 124°C to 126°C
Insolubles in Acetone Maximim 0.5 %
Moisture Maximim 0.5 %
Uses Used in Agro product, Bulk drugs and Veterinary chemicals.

Packing & Delivery Information

Packing Standard Packing 25 Kgs HDPE Bags with inner polythene linner bags
Other packing options As per requirement
Delivery Period As per requirement

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