4-Chloro 2-Amino Phenol (4-CAP)

Product Name 4-Chloro 2-Amino Phenol (4-CAP)
CAS. No. 95-85-2
Synonyms 5-Chloro 2-hydroxy Aniline
Para Chloro Ortho Amino Phenol
Imperical Formula C6H6CINO
Molucular Weight 143.57

Technical Specifications

Apperiance Creamish White Powder
Purity by N.V. Mimimum 98 %
Purity by H.P.L.C. Mimimum 99 %
Melting Point 140°C to 142°C
Insolubles in dil HCL Maximim 0.2 %
Moisture Maximim 0.5 %

Our Capacity, Packing & Delivery Information

Packing Standard Packing 25 Kgs HDPE Bags with inner polythene linner bags
Other packing options 25 Kgs Fibre Drum Packing with Polythene linner bag inside Or as required
Delivery Period 1 MT to 5 MT, Immediate days
5 MT to 10 MT, one week days
10 MT to 20 MT, one month days
Capacity 40 MT / Month

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